About Us

Company Profile

Lotus was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs with strong diversified backgrounds to create successful investment opportunities in the agriculture and food industry sectors in Egypt, while contributing to the economic and social well being of the region.

We combine key success skills of advanced agriculture and livestock breeding expertise as well as venture capital, private equity and investment banking experience to create and manage investment opportunities with superior risk managed returns that truly contributes to our own existence.

Our vision and objective is to actively support the elimination of food shortages in Egypt and the region while creating sustainable development contributing to the region's economic growth.

Our business model leverages technological advancements to convert the desert into cultivated, productive agriculture land and ultimately fully integrated communities.

Lotus also provides comprehensive supply solutions to livestock producers from carefully bred cattle to specialized high value animal feed.

Lotus brings more than 18 years of experience in agriculture and animal feed production as well as fattening and breading.